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Track Client Results, Automate Accountability, and
Create Tons of Social Proof to improve retention,
gain new clients, and build your bottom line.

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Say Goodbye to Scattered Spreadsheets, Pen and Paper

Don't lose your client data or your mind. Strive puts all of your client data in one, safe, secure place including all of their stats, measurements, and pictures so you can instantly access what you need, when you need it.

Save Time with Automated Accountability

Strive sends an email and text message to your clients on your behalf when it's time for their "goal check-in" so you don't need to waste time chasing them down. Plus, Strive sends an email to the primary coach to remind them too. This way you save time, reduce stress, and improve client results!

Data To Motivate

Track weight, circumference measurements and use our automated body fat calculator to make client check-ins a breeze. Plus, view all of that client's stats at a glance to review progress.

Drive Your Clients To Reach Their Full Potential

Watch Strive In Action!

Ramp Up Retention

Send beautiful done-for-you progress reports to your clients to highlight their success. Complete with progress indicator, editable note from the coach, before and after pic, and all of their stats! Keep clients motivated, excited, and moving forward with hard data, not just high fives.

Get More Clients with Non-Stop Social Proof

Capturing before and afters can be time intensive and is sporadic for most fit pros...and yet it is one of the BEST ways to build your business. Strive captures this information for you and with a few clicks, you have downloadable social proof on demand that you can add to your website, social media, and more.

Save Time, Make Money

With everything in one place, automated accountability and social proof on demand YOU save time which doesn't just save money, it MAKES money. Why? Because you gain time to move the needle forward in your business. Because you get clients better results which increases retention and referrals. And because you can now create TONS of social proof to market your business better and gain new clients.

It's time to take your fitness business to the next level.

Praise for Strive

For Trainers & Studio Owners, BY a Trainer & Studio Owner

What's up fit pros! I'm John Heringer, the founder of the Fitness Software Group and Strive, the Chief Motivator of Method3 Fitness, a seven-figure, thriving fitness studio in San Jose, CA, the husband to my supportive, rockstar wife Sara, and the father to 3 incredible boys, Jaxson, Brennan, and Rylan.

I LOVE helping people achieve their goals and get amazing results and at Method3, having a solid, systematized, process to hold clients accountable as well as document and showcase their results was a HUGE pain point for us over the years.

This is how Strive was born and Strive IS the answer to solve this problem! Sign up for Strive to help get your clients better results,improve your retention, obtain more referrals and increase your revenue now. I'm so excited to finally bring Strive to other studios worldwide. Let's keep being the change we wish to see, change more lives, and make a dent in the universe! Much love!